Dave Tomlinson is a writer and Church of England priest – a fervent proponent of progressive Christian theology and practice. His books include The Post-Evangelical, How To Be a Bad Christian (and a better human being), and Black Sheep and Prodigals (an antidote to black and white religion). Dave also regularly contributes to BBC Radio 2’s ‘Pause for Thought’ on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. And along with his wife Pat, he co-founded Holy Joes, a church in a pub. Described as a ‘liberal evangelist’ Dave’s passion is to make faith humane, and accessible to the non-religious – and to see Liverpool Football Club rule the world!



Here’s the thing

So here’s the thing, 29th July will be my last Sunday as the vicar of the incredible St Luke’s Church. It’s not by choice, you understand, the Church of England require me to ‘retire’ aged 70 – daft rule if you ask me! But I have no choice. Now I know you don’t believe I’m …