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So here’s the thing, 29th July will be my last Sunday as the vicar of the incredible St Luke’s Church. It’s not by choice, you understand, the Church of England require me to ‘retire’ aged 70 – daft rule if you ask me! But I have no choice. Now I know you don’t believe I’m nearly 70, nor do I, but it seems to be true. Leaving St Luke’s is both heartbreaking and exciting. Naturally, I have no intention of retiring. I shall have much more time and freedom to write and broadcast and travel around doing what I enjoy most – talking about things I love and feel passionate about. Naturally, I hope and pray that St Luke’s finds a vicar who shares the values that have made the church what it is and will continue the task in her or his unique fashion. As for me, I’m fancying going down to the pub again (or some such suitable place) sent by our dear friends at St Luke’s to create spaces for people who may not feel at home in church to explore exciting stuff that matters. Whatever the future holds for me and my gorgeous missus (who I’ve just now been married to for 50 years!), we want to make new connections, discover fresh adventures, keep growing. So I’ve launched this new website where you will find regular Bad Christian podcasts and keep up to date with developments. I’m about to become Vicar at Large – open for offers, ideas and propositions! Subscribe to my podcasts.and I’ll also keep in touch via Facebook etc. Whatever you do please don’t wish us a happy retirement!!

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  1. Keep Going Dave

    Go: A very simple message from Jesus. Many Christians (good pr bad) struggle with this concept.

    Wherever He sends you may you Go in His strength.

    Look forward to yoyr slot on Chris Evans this morning.

    Thoughts and prayers with you.

    God bless you


  2. I heard your Pause for Thought this morning – the first time I have heard you. Wonderful to hear a vicar who thinks outside the box and the church building . Excuse the pun but this is definitely more on my wavelength. I shall keep listening and being inspired by you.
    Perhaps one day we can get you to visit our Essex country village!

    1. Thanks Liz, glad you enjoyed it. I’d be delighted to come to your Essex village, let me know if you have a specific proposal. Meanwhile, I’ll be on air tomorrow morning.

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