Sorry for the silence

It’s a time of great transition from our life at St Luke’s to the next part of our adventure. And we are still caught up with lots of practicalities. But life goes on… so I have another series of dates for Pause for Thought on Radio 2 starting on Monday 24th September. My slot is around 9.20am but can vary. Then I’m appearing on 2nd, 9th,  24th and 30th October. Broadcasts can be also be heard afterwards on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show web pages. And I also post them afterwards on my Facebook page.

2 Replies to “Sorry for the silence”

  1. Dave
    Reading ‘How to be a bad Christian’ re-connected me spiritually after becoming disillusioned with the Church. I had been crying out for its down to earth wisdom and insights.
    I wish you well in the next chapter of your life where I am sure you will keep me making a difference to people. God Bless.

  2. Loved the rhetoric today, how inspiring to have someone focusing on inclusion and fun, listened from afar in Botswana where there are many, many churches mostly which sadly fleece the innocent for the little money they have.
    Not particularly religious myself, but love an individual that can being a community together. Earlier this year I travelled home to Wallasey sadly for the passing of my Grandad, Ernest Gartland, a true gent and who spent a lot of time as father Christmas or ringing the bells at St Nicholas’s. Jeff the vicar brought so much calm, kindness and respite to my Grandma and I admired that so much. I will be eternally thankful for that and do truly admire and respect the great work you do.

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