Sorry for the silence

It’s a time of great transition from our life at St Luke’s to the next part of our adventure. And we are still caught up with lots of practicalities. But life goes on… so I have another series of dates for Pause for Thought on Radio 2 starting on Monday 24th September. My slot is around 9.20am but can vary. Then I’m appearing on 2nd, 9th,  24th and 30th October. Broadcasts can be also be heard afterwards on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show web pages. And I also post them afterwards on my Facebook page.


So here’s my next bunch of Pause for Thoughts on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show Radio 2. My slot appears around 9.20am but can be a little earlier sometimes.

Tuesday 7th August                                                                                                             Tuesday 14th August                                                                                                   Wednesday 22nd August                                                                                                Tuesday 29th August                                                                                                         Tuesday 25th September

Hope you can join me but I will post the link here and on Facebook.